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Data Storytelling Skills Take on Added Clout

Big Data and analytics experts such as Babson College Professor Tom Davenport are increasingly pointing to the importance of having an analytics team who are adept at communicating complex analytical findings in terms that business executives are able to understand. For instance, in a recent keynote speech at the TDWI […]

Data Sorytelling


2015: The Year of Visual Storytelling

As marketers look for new and effective ways to reach target audiences and achieve successful business outcomes, one powerful technique that will continue to grow in popularity is the use of visual storytelling to engage customers and prospects. One simple example: the use of photos, videos, and other rich media […]

Creating value from Data

Creating value from Data. The business world is inundated with data—data about customers, operations, partners, products, services, and much more. Great as that may be, organizations are struggling to translate that data into meaningful information that has a positive impact on their business. This is primarily due to the fact […]



Big Data Trends for 2015: A Look Ahead

Companies continue to invest in big data: according to Transparency Market Research, the market is on track for a CAGR of over 40 percent through the next four years. As spending ramps up, however, businesses are looking for specific solutions to target analytics pain points — here are three trends to […]

Data Driving a New Thought Process for Business Leaders

According to a recent Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) report, executive decision making is undergoing an overhaul. While big decisions — defined by the study as impacting “the strategic operation of the business” — are largely based on intuition and experience, data analytics is quickly becoming an integral factor in this process. Some see […]



How Big Data drives better Business Decisions

For big data to deliver a competitive advantage to organizations, insights from its vast volume and disparate sources must reach the managers who make business decisions. And while much has been made of the potential for big data to uncover new customers, identify new sources of revenue, and refine product […]