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About CruCon

CruCon Analytics was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012 and in 2014 we expanded to Canada and the UK as well.

We see ourselves as a data analysis, insight management and decision support company at the intersection of Technology and AgriBusiness. This enables us to contribute to discover the yet untapped potential in the food sector by analyzing and combining data in the entire value chain from farm to fork. We believe the food industry can potentially improve productivity by using Big Data to optimize production, reduce resource consumption, boost food quality and safety, and improve the health of both people and animals.

In the DNA of the CruCon Analytics Team resides a passionate belief that a combination of experience, professional expertise and a data driven culture are the seeds and hotbed at the core of true decision making power, - as oppose to gut feeling, corporate religion, intuition, conviction etc. We believe that by being frank, open and honest with your data driven discoveries and insights you will be able to move the marker toward higher levels of performance and productive outcome.

We want to nurse and foster creative thinking and enable our customers to harness the power of AgriBusiness data to greater productive benefit. We believe by offering compelling data analyses we are contributing to democratize the capabilities of working with data and do analytics in various ways based upon value and relevance.

Our core product, CruCon Analytics Suite ® (CAS) is:

  1. 1. Easy to use and user friendly
  2. 2. Visual and serves the users creativity
  3. 3. Ubiquitous and serves any platform, - phone, tablet, laptop and PC.
  4. 4. Easy to scale and blend with other dataset’s


The Danish edition of CAS includes animal health products consumption since year 2008 and takes our clients way beyond the Danish Industry Standard, VetStat.

Our clients include manufacturers and distributors of veterinary medicine, primarily pharmaceutical and agricultural industries and clients within the field of veterinary science.