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CruCon Analytics’ ”Plug-and-Play” Consumption Analyses of the Animal Health Products within the Scandinavian Region are built in to what we call CruCon Analytics Suite ® or just CAS. Our Analysis Suite can be acquired with or without software licenses.

Should you wish to get the full benefit of the in-depth reports and analyses in CAS we recommend that you acquire the one-year Software Licenses for the Data Discovery Software from QlikView (QlikTech®).

Consequently you have two options:

Deployment without QlikView Licenses. Should you choose this option, CruCon Analytics will update, produce and distribute the analyses to you. The Analyses can be delivered to you in any format, such as .csv, .xlsx, .pdf or similar, depending on your preferences and needs. The layout can be all kinds of tables, charts and other visualizations, - it’s all up to you.

Should you wish to deploy CAS with QlikView Licenses, we will assist you throughout the process of deploying CAS and Licenses within your IT Environment. QlikView’s Licenses can be acquired as single user (Named User) Licenses or in larger Server based versions, - again the size of setup is all up to you and the needs, demands, preferences and IT-budget of your organization.