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Support and Education

As an add-on to the analyses within CAS, CruCon Analytics also provides:


By support we mean traditional consultancy and expert advice on the use, design and development of CAS to match the needs, demands and preferences of the users within your organization.

We can adjust or modify existing reports and analyses or we can build and develop new, - throughout our partnership the extent as to which we assist you on your “journey with data”, is governed by your Business pains, needs, wishes and preferences.

As per 2017, we offer one support consultancy day per quarter free of charge to all our customers who have subscribed to monthly updates and having a CruCon Analytics Suite ® with more than 10 analyses.


CruCon Analytics offers the education and training needed for you and your organization in order to achieve the highest possible outcome, value and insight of CAS from the get-go. We conduct the education and training ourselves or in partnership with cutting edge vendors within the field of Data Discovery and Analysis.

In line with your needs, demand and relevance the training can focus on the Data Discovery and Analysis software used in CAS or we can focus on maintaining and development of existing and new Reports and Analyses, - or even better, a combination of both.