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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct at CruCon Analytics

We perform and execute from a set of fundamental principles, - our Code of Conduct.

We listen, build trust and demonstrate confidence, respect and reliability

With our Data Analyses we’re moving close to the internal and external reality of our Client’s or close to the "veins" of the Business. Consequently, we cooperate with our Client’s under the oath of trust building, performing and demonstrating confidence, loyalty, respect and reliability.

Agreements, signed or by word of mouth, are kept and potential disagreements are raised immediately and settled amicably.

As CruCon Analytics work with facts based Data Analyses, we often find that our Analytic findings points in another direction than first anticipated by the contracting authority at our client. In such cases we will do an extra effort to support and substantiate our data driven instructions and conclusions.

If our Data or Data Analyses contains information, which one way or another intersects or collides with Privacy regulations or Personal or otherwise Sensitive Data, we will of cause inform all relevant stakeholders and set the necessary guidelines as to how our Analyses can be deployed, respecting all existing laws and regulations.

CruCon Analytics is a Data Discovery and Business Analysis Services provider. We have a preferred toolbox of Data Discovery and Analysis Software but we always follow the preferences, needs and wish of our Client’s should they choose other Vendors or Tools.

We exert ourselves

Our Business Analyses are based on facts and evidence based research so we know the scope but also the limitations of our instructions, guidelines and conclusions.

We only use our own consultants in order to secure and maintain a common, sustainable perception of our professional and ethical positions related to our analyses, decision making processes and actions, - this also when it comes to the cooperation with Client’s, Vendors and other Network members.

We put our feet down if we do not have the skills or qualifications to solve a project task or assignment.


Valby February 2017 

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