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Intensified focus on Big Data in all areas of life science, agriculture, food safety and production sectors

News 8.6.2016

On the doorstep to the opening of the 26th IFAMA World Conference which (out of three major issues) will focus on Big Data, Analytics and Insight Management combined with the most recent publications made by DTU and The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) on the use, value and importance of Data in our Industry, we are all really excited and looking forward to the venue in beautiful Aarhus later this month.

We will be meeting a brain trust of extremely savvy, educated, experienced and thoughtful individuals from around the Globe all joined with the common goal to network, share knowledge and insights which aims to engage partners in developing bold, creative and sustainable solutions to the global food challenge.

As a small start-up company, CruCon Analytics was founded, created, developed and expanded on the basis of Data from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, hence we can only support the views outlined by IFAMA, DTU, ASM (just to mention a few) on the importance of collection, analysis and management of data from the food and agribusiness industry. We realize and appreciate our fortune of being a Danish company which have had the benefit of access to the boldest, most comprehensive, advanced and mandatory reporting system on the planet. A system that has set the standard in EU and has been The Driver towards major regulatory initiatives in Denmark and EU over the last 15-20 years. Why ? – Because Data hold the capability of cutting straight through all kinds of bias, telling the true stories of trends and developments in markets, industries, sectors, professions, trades, channels etc. over time.

At CruCon Analytics we have witnessed this and the build-in concerns first hand. On the one hand the excitement of getting access to an ocean of quality Data, on the other hand the legitimate concerns around stakeholder privacy and data ownership issues. At the rapid speed of technological breakthroughs in the 21st century the Data Analytic field have evolved dramatically as well, making us capable of analyzing the most immense amounts of Data. We believe that in meeting and overcoming the challenges of privacy and ownership of Data our field will bring enormous insights and hence potential and development to the life science, agribusiness and food production industries in the years to come.

Denmark and EU are undoubtedly on the Global forefront in regards to setting up Data base systems and collecting, controlling, managing and governing the Data. We see this as a huge advantage for our country and our industry but also as an obligation. An obligation to reach out, be bold and meet the huge challenges we are facing trying to build a more sustainable and viable food and agribusiness sector, nationally and internationally. Embracing Data and Data Analytics will in our view be one of the key factors in achieving this bold goal.

We will be looking forward to discussing issues around Big Data, Better Analytics and Deeper Insight Management and related issues with students, peers, colleagues and friends at the IFAMA World Conference in Aarhus later this month. We’ll see you there.