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Data Sorytelling

Data Storytelling Skills Take on Added Clout

Big Data and analytics experts such as Babson College Professor Tom Davenport are increasingly pointing to the importance of having an analytics team who are adept at communicating complex analytical findings in terms that business executives are able to understand. For instance, in a recent keynote speech at the TDWI […]


2015: The Year of Visual Storytelling

As marketers look for new and effective ways to reach target audiences and achieve successful business outcomes, one powerful technique that will continue to grow in popularity is the use of visual storytelling to engage customers and prospects. One simple example: the use of photos, videos, and other rich media […]

Creating value from Data

Creating value from Data. The business world is inundated with data—data about customers, operations, partners, products, services, and much more. Great as that may be, organizations are struggling to translate that data into meaningful information that has a positive impact on their business. This is primarily due to the fact […]



Hiring Life Scientist, DVM, Vibeke Frøkjær Jensen

As per April 1st 2015 CruCon Analytics has hired Vibeke to conduct scientific studies at DTU, Technical University of Denmark’s Veterinary Institute in Lyngby just north of Copenhagen. In her capacity as an epidemiologist Vibeke will be involved in studies around especially mink and swine vaccines also using VetStat Data […]